How to screw up an Annual General Meeting brought to you by the Union Bay Improvement District

They never disappoint – still as screwed up and dysfunctional as ever.

@ Hein.  I asked the same question you asked tonight regarding the 29% increase in water tolls projected for 2018 and the Admin claimed that at the rate the water was being used, the water tolls would increase to around an additional $100,000. in 2018.   Tonight he claimed not to know or have anything to refer to.  The usual promises of answers by email.

Heard some gossip.  Apparently, after the meeting concluded, one of the Trustees took umbrage at a question posed by a landowner and approached and accused him of some type of set up.  Then the Trustee’s son became involved along with the landowner’s wife.  Quite the altercation from what I’ve heard.  You’re not allowed to have an independent thought in Union Bay, if you do – they will come at you.


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