Looks like the cowardly, secretive UBID board with Simon Rasmussen’s help ‘tweaked’ Bylaw 263 to include Executive Meetings to prevent the electorate from witnessing decisions made on their behalf.

The board claims the public are a distraction and they are unable to get things done.  They keep telling us how busy they are and the admin is too busy to answer correspondence.  Why?  Money has been spent in order to free up the admin.

  • Purchased 2 new computers.
  • Purchased the new water meter reading/accounts/billing software for $45,000.
  • Purchased a new Go Pro cameras to video record the meetings.  Then why are we paying others to do the admin’s work?  Why are we paying for a guy to come and turn the camera on at the meetings and sit behind it until the end of the meeting to turn it off, ever since the January 2018 meeting was not recorded claiming the camera malfunctioned?
  • Now hiring a deputy admin part time?  Why?  What has happened that would require hiring additional staff when all of the above was to streamline the workload?
  • Is too busy to collect delinquent water tolls and parcel taxes.  Now a whopping $74,000. owed to UBID and no one is doing anything about it because this guy doesn’t want to do the collections – wants to hire a collection agency!

We should be replacing the current admin with an individual possessing the qualities UBID is looking for in their ad for the deputy admin.


Has the admin been sent for training on the new software?  Will the admin assistant be sent for training in case an employee is off?  Months ago when I first heard this guy talking about the new software and how wonderful it was going to be and how terrible the old software was, and knowing this guy is not computer savvy, I predicted he wouldn’t be able to learn how to use it.  Let’s see if my prediction comes true.

When will we see an increase in accountability with this board?  What are they so afraid of that they are changing bylaws to keep you from knowing what they’re doing?

This is the email where Simon offers to ‘tweak’ the bylaw.

From: Rasmussen, Simon MAH:EX <Simon.Rasmussen@gov.bc.ca>
Sent: April 13, 2018 12:36 PM
To: ‘UBID Admin’ <admin@union-bay.ca>
Subject: Contact info and procedure bylaw

Hi Gord,

Two follow-ups from our call:

  1. Can you send me Mary Reynolds’ email address?
  2. Can you send me a copy of your procedure bylaw? I’d like to take a look at what you’ve got and where we could possibly look at making some tweaks, if need be.


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