What a circus!

NOTE:  This is the audio only of the meeting because it takes the morons two weeks to post their video.

Lots of ‘deer caught in the headlight’ moments for this unqualified admin.  The video should be quite entertaining.  The Admin couldn’t recall the name of the person at “the ministry” who ok’d the Executive Meeting Bylaw.  When I asked if it was Simon Rasmussen – ‘deer in the headlight’.  Taking that as a yes.  We’re being fed bullshit, folks.

Trustee Jacques looked like he was having a fit trying to butt in when Trustee Kaljur was questioning the watershed protection plan.    The knowitall kept shooting his mouth off again.

This is an excerpt that starts out with Trustee Kaljur questioning why the board still hasn’t met with Koer’s regarding the new water treatment facility.  Kaljur states this is her fourth request to find out what’s going on.  Both the Chair and admin start making ridiculous claims that they can’t do anything if VIHA and Koer’s don’t want to meet with the board.   The admin at one point claims VIHA canceled the meeting because of what was going on at the Executive meeting…WTF?