The underbelly of Union Bay part two – Bittens and the Union Bay Improvement District

The first post about the underbelly of Union Bay is here:

I purchased my home in 2013 from Bill Hamilton who lived here for 58 years.  Rodney Bitten’s grandparents owned the house on the south side of Bill and Rodney Bitten’s mother was raised in the house.  I doubt there was ever any dispute over the portion of land on the south side of the garage until Rodney purchased the house in 2014 once owned by his grandparents.

Rodney had asked me if he could construct a raised garden against my garage and I said yes.  When I noticed the damage caused by his garden I showed Rodney the damage and all he had to say about it was that he put white material against the garage to prevent damage.  There was no way to repair the garage as I needed to access the outside to make the repairs.

Since Rodney didn’t remove the garden, in March 2016 I video recorded me advising Rodney to remove the garden from my property.  Rodney got right up in my face yelling at me that he told Megan I would try to force them to remove the garden so they dug down and put ties against the garage.  If they went to the trouble of digging down – why didn’t they just remove the garden?  Rodney Bitten kept yelling at me that the garden was on his property and that my garage was rotten.  Rodney Bitten called the police and claimed it was his property.  Police attended and advised it was a civil matter – ya, I knew that.

The diagram below is from the survey I had done in Oct. 2017.  The area in dispute is identified as “area of landscaping encroachment”.

Then Rodney Bitten constructed a fence frame.  In the pic below you can see the string line and the area Rodney Bitten claimed was his.  So, do you think Rodney Bitten would pull this crap on a man?  Note the distance the string line is from my garage.


Then Rodney Bitten covers the fence frame with a tarp and attaches it to the area he claims is his property.


In January 2017 I contacted the Bylaw officer (Amanda) at the CVRD about Rodney Bitten’s fence and letting his dog run and shit wherever it liked without Rodney Bitten picking up the shit.  Amanda advised the CVRD doesn’t govern the placement of fences, only the height (remember this as it will be referred to later).  Animal control came out Jan. 25, 2017 and left a notice – no fines – advising of the dog bylaw.  That evening Rodney Bitten obviously was upset at me complaining about his dog shit and instead of admitting “Gee, I shouldn’t let my dog shit everywhere expecting others to clean up the shit” Rodney Bitten put up a spot light on his front porch aimed directly at the window I sit at the computer.  I contacted Amanda the next day and she contacted Rodney who supposedly apologized and removed the light.

In the early evening of Jan. 27, 2017 my house was rammed by a pickup truck and the driver with a balaclava threw large rocks at my front window until it broke.  I was never able to identify the cowardly piece of shit or who was involved.  The reason I bring this up is because when you are charged with an offence your lawyer is provided with police reports, etc.  Turns out Rodney Bitten made numerous calls to the police with some pretty wild claims including three versions of me telling people that Rodney Bitten was responsible for the attack on my home.

Rodney Bitten also called the police again in Mar. 2016 after his yelling in my face.  This time he called to say I told my dog (Molly) not to bite him.

I had always gone by Bill Hamilton’s fence as the property line.  Once the pins were located front and back, I decided I would remove the raised garden myself.  NOTE:  Rodney Bitten’s string line just happens to be directly on the property line.  On June 8, 2017 I pulled one of the poles to see if it was going to be hard.  The pole (identified in the first pic as “the post Bitten called police June 9”) came away easily and I put it in Bitten’s yard.

June 9, 2017 Const. Palmer of the RCMP called and said he’d received a complaint from Rodney Bitten that someone removed a fence post from his property.  I told Const. Palmer I had removed the post but that it wasn’t a fence post – and that it was on my property.  Const. Palmer said Rodney Bitten told him the CVRD had told him the garden was fine.  Advised Const. Palmer what Amanda advised regarding fences and had no jurisdiction over the placement or encroachment.  Advised Const. Palmer that I had located the property pins and he actually asked me if I had moved them.

I emailed Amanda advising of the call from the RCMP and to confirm what she had told me about what the CVRD governs.  Amanda said the officer could call her to confirm.

In order to access the raised bed, I had to remove the small section of my fence which angled in and joined the garage – see pic above.  When I was hitting MY fence with a sledge hammer, Rodney Bitten started his usual yelling in my face to stop.  Rodney Bitten stepped through his fence frame (which is directly on the property line) and onto my property and put his leg against the board I was hitting to prevent it from coming off.  Then the theatrics started.  Rodney Bitten dropping down to the ground faking an injury and then calling the police.  While he was waiting he put on quite the performance screaming, crying, rolling around on the ground.  Mommy Bitten showed up screaming “What did she do to your leg?”  “She’s crazy”.

Turns out Rodney set up his phone to record the altercation.

more to come…

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