Union Bay stupid white folk struck again last night.

Gee, who could possibly be upset at my sign of Rodney Bitten’s apology?  Hmm.

Isn’t the apology genuine from Rodney Bitten, admitting and regretting what he did to me since March 2016?  More than 2 years!  Someone doesn’t want the truth out there – who could that be?  Hey, no one forced the Bittens to pay me money and to sign the apology – they wanted to settle. I was looking forward to Examinations for Discovery – transcripts would have been an eye opener!

Seems they were so upset they even took the post.   Not to worry – have another one and now that I know the quality, I have ordered more including a 24 x 36 one.

Have heard the Bitten’s are claiming they won the court case.  Just want to make sure the TRUTH gets out there.  While we were negotiating they actually put a for sale by owner sign up – must have thought I wouldn’t care about the case if I thought they were moving.  If you’re going to sell your house, you don’t just put a sign up in front of your house – you would at least put it on craigslist.  Typical.

This is what they thought we would agree to – dream on!

IT IS FURTHER UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED that Reynolds and the Bittens will at all times maintain the confidentiality of the terms of settlement of the Action, the Criminal Proceedings, the fact that money has been paid, and this Release, and will not divulge or publish, either directly or indirectly, in any manner whatsoever, the terms, details, facts of, or related discussions about the settlement of the Action, the Criminal Proceedings and this Release to any person, excepting immediate family members, for any reason whatsoever, except with respect to any obligation to disclose as may be required by law, or bona fide disclosure to legal, accounting or tax advisors, treating therapists, or treating physicians to which doctor/patient confidentiality would apply.

Jason told them either they agree to the terms of the mutual release which did not prevent me from sharing the apology or there was no deal.  Facing the consequences of being questioned under oath by Jason during Examinations for Discovery which could very well include admitting to lying to the police, they agreed to the terms.  This is why they are so upset. They don’t want anyone to know what they did and the apology lays all that out.  The money is secondary to the apology.  It’s the apology that has value to me.

Might order some flags to continue the neighbourhood theme of flags.  Here’s mine. 🙂

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