Wow – does Daniel Arbour really want to hitch his horse to the cowardly, deceptive, and secretive Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees wagon?

The cowardly Union Bay Improvement District Trustees are out canvassing on behalf of Daniel Arbour (running against Jim Elliott for Area A Director) – suddenly you are no longer insignificant because they want you to vote a certain way.  Are people so dense that they’re going along without asking these guys questions?  Just letting them walk away when they can’t even provide accurate minutes of the few meetings the public witnesses.  They have time to go door to door and canvas on behalf of a candidate and yet they don’t have time to answer questions about the health and safety of the water they provide to Union Bay landowners?  What is their priority here?

They are stating they campaigned against Jim Elliott when he ran for another term in April 2018.  Stating they didn’t like his politics.  Do they mean the politics when Jim Elliott was very firm about being transparent and accountable to the landowners?  What politics exactly?  Perhaps because he wasn’t a boot licker to a developer and wanted to ensure we weren’t screwed again by a lousy agreement?  Because he was concerned about a neophyte board negotiating without professional assistance (the previous board hired an expert and these guys let him go so they could negotiate directly with KIP)?

This paragraph from Daniel Arbour’s website caught my eye.  Hmm, who do you think Daniel has been listening to?

I understand infrastructure issues have been divisive for some local residents, particularly in Union Bay. Proposed developments such as the Union Bay Estates, and eventually opportunities for the K’omoks First Nation treaty lands near Royston, are supported by the Comox Valley Regional Growth Plan. Some see risks and threats, and infrastructure choices each go with their pros and cons.

If Arbour is hitching his horse to these dysfunctional individuals – does he share their beliefs or does he believe in democracy and being accountable to those who give him their vote?  The Union Bay Improvement District is rotten to the core and I am suspect of their whole hearted endorsement and campaigning door to door on behalf of this guy they love so much.

This guy is like a slick commercial.  Selling how great he is.  He’s an unknown as far as Union Bay goes and I doubt he’s gone beyond what he’s been told by good ole KIP and his UBID trustee lackeys.

Jim Elliott lives here and has already proven to be open, honest, accountable, transparent.  Jim stated throughout his term on UBID how important it was to inform the landowners and respond to their concerns – not statements only made when he wanted your vote.

I’m sure the people on Hornby think Mr. Arbour is great and would want a director from their island, but I don’t see him interested in our problems because it would take him too long to catch up on why Union Bay has problems.

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