The regular characters put on quite the display at the Union Bay Improvement District Gong Show Oct. 18, 2018

Here is the video of the Oct. 18, 2018 Union Bay Improvement District Gong Show Characters.  A table of bullies.  Five men who do everything possible to prevent the lone female trustee from speaking about subjects they are not comfortable with or want hidden.  Look at the hostility towards her for asking questions.  This is what they do publicly – now stop and think what they are like when she is alone with them at their secretive ‘executive meetings’ and in camera meetings.  They can hardly control their tempers in public so you can be pretty sure they don’t hold anything back in private.

It’s pretty evident minutes of public meetings are not accurate – how creative are these characters when it comes to these ‘executive and  in camera’ minutes?  I don’t trust these guys for one minute and Trustee Kaljur appears to be a prime target for them without any witnesses.  If all five of these so called ‘men’ decide on alternative facts – they can claim anything.  Cowards, and that’s why they can’t allow the public to witness their decisions.

The five gathered together after the meeting like mean school girls who are only brave as a group – gutless individually.

From my own experience, there are many so called ‘men’ like this in Union Bay.  They are gutless when it comes to another man but are so brave and courageous when it’s a woman on her own.  Gutless wonders.

Note who is in place as the star character of the gong show and true to form disrupts the meeting by butting in claiming Trustee Kaljur is off subject without being given the floor when the Chair and Trustee Kaljur are discussing her question about the lack of the Water Superintendent’s report in the minutes.  Kaljur was recognized by the chair when she stated she had a question.   Note who disrupts for the second time making the same claim and then puts forth a motion without being recognized by the Chair.  This guy just takes right over and the chair says diddly squat.

The gong show culprit, loves to hear his own voice – thinks he’s a bigshot.  What a joke.

Then there is this one with 9 outbursts in one meeting.

Note the other Trustees who speak without being recognized by the Chair with one of them falling back on the old “point of order” without any follow up.

Note the Chair hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about asking Trustee Kaljur “Can you state the unanimous report from the board for what specific topic, answer me?”.   These goofs don’t keep track of what they say or do from one meeting to the next.  Watching too much Trump, I guess.  Truth doesn’t matter any more.

Here’s the unanimous motion from June 21, 2018.

Why is the video camera so far away from the Board of Trustees?  How can you pick up the audio that far away when they don’t use the microphone?

Here’s a screenshot of their video.  What the hell is the point of being back so far?




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