Turbidity limit of 1 NTU is consistent across Canada – just not Union Bay

The Chair of UBID obviously has more authority than any other community in the entire country.  He has decided there is no problem with the water testing because Island Health hasn’t advised otherwise.  Still, there is no report from the water superintendent from June 21, 2018 when a motion was unanimously passed to have the water superintendent provide the board with explanations as to why the 2013 Turbidity Tree isn’t being adhered to.  No matter how high the turbidity has been – there has not been a boil water advisory.

Excerpt from this article quoting UBID Chair:  https://www.mycomoxvalleynow.com/45205/union-bay-trustees-meeting-dissolves-into-shouting-threats-to-call-police/

“Vancouver Island Health and Dan McGill are on top of this,” said Haraldson.

“Regarding turbidity testing and all the rest of it, that’s governed by Vancouver Island Health. If they’re not satisfied by the testing that goes on, they will inform Dan McGill, and changes will be made at that time. Vancouver Island, they do the ruling on that for water sources that are being used by the public.”

It appears the Regional District thinks water is not safe to drink when turbidity exceeds 1 NTU – but hey, I guess the Chair knows best.

From the FAQ’s on the Regional District website.



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