Did you vote for this lousy board passing itself off as government? Are you going to be stupid again this April?

Don’t forget to check out honest an accountable Trustee Kaljur’s website at: https://unionbay.news.blog 

The January meeting is not open to the public because this cowardly, inept, deceitful group of morons can’t answer questions because they don’t know what the hell they are doing. Who is directing their actions? Sure as hell aren’t coming up with ideas on their own. Is it the saviour of Union Bay or his representative who is always lurking pushing bullshit?

How about the lie if you send in a question 5 days before the meeting, it will be answered. Bullshit – they claim there hasn’t been any correspondence at each meeting.

Snowflakes are upset because landowners don’t like they way they treat Trustee Kaljur at the meetings and have voiced their disgust. What hipocrytes talking about being disrespectful to the trustees when they treat Trustee Kaljur like a piece of shit.

That’s why they don’t want the public there to witness these spineless men verbally abusing the lone female on the board. Cowards!

Go have a look on UBID’s website and see if information is available and good luck finding it.

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