Union Bay Improvement District holding back information to landowners

Last years Audited Financial statement was only available at the April 2017 AGM and the board refused to answer any questions thereafter. In June the board employed Janice Swanson as Deputy CAO, mainly responsible as Chief Financial Officer. Land owners have not seen a financial report posted on the web site or otherwise since then.

Prior to this year’s AGM in April land owners should have the opportunity to review UBID’s December 31st., 2018 year end financial report including the balance in all reserve fund accounts.

Where is the Watershed Protection Plan? The last report from Sonya Jenssen is dated 2014 on the UBID website. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dHYIHdGVuWkGeU3-SZPuWjiRQRptOg8m/view

Also, if you’re looking for the figures on the water treatment plant we are going to be paying for are also no longer on the website.

Don’t waste time trying to find the Emergency Response Plan of Nov. 2018 because it is no longer on the website.

We are paying top dollar for unqualified staff who can’t even keep info on their website. What a shitshow.

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