A rebuttal to the UBID Chair’s claim Fire chief worries about potential for violence at monthly meetings

From the guy who campaigned encouraging landowners to ask questions and demand answers. From the guy who has spouted bullshit about how funds raised in Union Bay would be distributed throughout the CVRD if we became a service area. From the guy who believes all our problems would be solved if we became a municipality. This guy is so unfit to be on any board!

I received the following comment from an individual who attended years of monthly UBID meetings and offers this rebuttal to the Chair’s bullshit statement that: “All UBID staff (CAO, Deputy CAO, Public Works Superintendent, and Fire Chief) has stated very clearly that they will not attend our public meetings as it is a very uncontrolled and hostile environment and could lead to violence.”

These guys just make shit up.

Jan.16th, 2019

HI Mary, you are absolutely correct, I have not seen the fire chief, Public works superintendent or any other UBID employee attend a board meeting, ever. When the fire chief’s shift ends he retires to his lazy boy in Comox or Courtenay or where ever he lives and has no interest in Union Bay politics. For Ted Trump to say they don’t attend due to an uncontrolled and hostile environment which could lead to violence is utter b—ls—t.


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