Who is providing legal advice to UBID Trustees? They spout off nonsense. No due diligence from the remedial UBID board.

Landowners need to wake up and realize the UBID does not make informed decisions. Their actions are based on their opinions which don’t change because no new information is allowed in. The financial danger is huge – we have no idea what they are doing behind closed doors.

When this petition was taken around asking for signatures, did anyone tell the landowners they didn’t know if it was even possible/legal to extend an expired agreement? NO!

And all this fabricated bullshit is what has torn the community apart. Following the advice of KIP and KIP spokesperson was not an intelligent decision. You have been intentionally misled.

Absolute bullshit in this letter to the editor from Nov. 3, 2015, regarding extending the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement that lapsed Dec. 31, 2014 with this completely false statement: “We have a moral and legal right to do so, since this contract is still legal and binding until a court of competent jurisdiction declares otherwise.”  It sounds exactly like what the VP of KIP was claiming doesn’t it? The previous board advised the agreement was expired/dead. The CVRD also advised the agreement was expired/dead. It was just the saviour of Union Bay who was singing that tune.

Says the guy who never bothered to get any legal advice.

This clip is from the 2016 AGM with the same claim the expired agreement should/could be extended – again, with no legal knowledge – just off the top of his head – his opinion…

So from the spring of 2015 until this same individual was elected in April 2016, and then the same individual voted to extend the expired WIA in Nov. 2016, refusing to obtain any legal advice before voting. This individual had at least 18 months to obtain the information but failed to do so.

The clip below is from June 2016 with the same individual answering the question as to whether he believed the expired WIA was still in place. His answer “No, I don’t feel there is an agreement in place”. So why did he force a vote through the following November trying to extend the expired agreement if he knew it was not in place? It’s the ever changing answers and none of them accurate.

the clip is set to start at the answer to the question as to whether he believes the agreement is still in place. The entire short clip is very telling.

This compilation of clips from Nov. 2016 discussing getting a legal opinion before approving an extension to the expired Water Infrastructure – refused to obtain opinion. It’s pretty obvious some of the trustees do not understand the difference between obtaining an opinion and approving a motion. These guys have your financial future in their hands and they do zip as far as due diligence goes.

This clip is a condensed version of the Nov. 2016 meeting where the expired WIA was discussed and the motion passed. Listen to the trustee explain his understanding of the agreement. When asked to be shown where in the WIA Loxam’s claims which were published in the local paper are, he responds with “show me where it isn’t” and the sheeple actually laugh as though he made a point. OMG! You gonna fill the seat with this again? Listen to the statements made about them believing the force majeure clause is in effect – all the while none of them bothered to find out if what they were doing was legal. At the 26:00 mark our professional Admin tries to direct the board by advising them of the situation at the time and offered alternatives – they completely ignore him with the Chair claiming he had to go by the rules because a motion was put forward. Do you wonder why our professional Administrator left? It’s shocking – they are clueless.

The clip below is from the 2017 AGM. Listen to the answer – they never did not seek any legal advice. Just his opinion – well that’s where the problem is, isn’t it?

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