This clip displays the lack of comprehension by this board. Suspending Bylaw 263. The very bylaw they are violating now. I hope they are paying for the costs involved in the apology letter mail out – that’s personal – not UBID business.

“To my mind and Ms. Kaljur’s mind, the taxpayers shouldn’t be footing any of the legal fees or expenses for this dispute.”  Jason Gratl

above quote from this article

We should insist on seeing the bill the 4 trustees will receive for the 700 apology letters being printed, folded and stuffed into envelopes because this is a personal apology – not authorized as trustees. I’m sure Trustee Bitten will be the first to pay considering how strongly he feels about how precious staff time is and insists people be billed according to the Misc services Bylaw 223. 🙂

Don’t forget – the Admin tried to bill a landowner $200. because it took him supposedly four hours to retrieve some in camera minutes from July 2016 – 4 hours!

This clip is from May 2017 when a trustee brings up a motion to suspend a portion of a bylaw. No matter how many times they are told they cannot suspend a bylaw or a portion of a bylaw, they continue with the motion. Listen to the discussion and it is pretty obvious who has the capacity to understand and who doesn’t.

Twelve emails caused the trustees to make this decision. Hmm. Considering the number of people protesting and honking horns in support, you would think they would get the message and act accordingly. Maybe we aren’t the ‘right people’ who are listened to by this board.

Then this trustee claims he has researched and that I should research. You know, bullshit is easily proven. Not everyone is dumb and believes the crap spewed by this board. I knew at the time they couldn’t host their own videos, it costs a fortune. Why do they think youtube is so popular? There is no copyright protection for their dumb meetings – so much for mr. research.

This is a post containing the audio of the All Candidates meeting Oct. 17, 2016 hosted by KIP spokesperson David Godfrey. Listen to the promises of being transparent and how the previous board wasn’t.

Lots of talk using the right words with zero follow through on all the promises. We’ve been duped. Making decisions without getting legal advice. This board is being directed by KIP.

So this trustee was wrong again. What a waste of time. This is why the Union Bay Improvement District is a gong show.

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