“It can’t legally be suspended. As a board we are not expected to break our own laws.” Union Bay Improvement District Admin June 15, 2017 minutes – suspending/breaking their own bylaws.


So what part of the Ministry’s direction didn’t this Admin understand?

What I find interesting about what this admin stated at the June 15, 2017 meeting, which is confirmed in his minutes, he actually knowingly violated the Meeting Procedures Bylaw 263 at that very meeting by refusing to allow a landowner (not me) to video record the meeting. He knew at the time that he was going to be advising the board and landowners that they couldn’t break their own bylaws and yet went ahead and did just that. This guy just doesn’t get it and we are not paying him peanuts. He is being paid a very good salary for a job he is not qualified to hold.

The following 2 pages are from Section B Improvement District Administration of the Improvement District Manual. https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/british-columbians-our-governments/local-governments/governance-powers/improvement_district_manual.pdf Something the 4 male trustees and admin appear to have ignored or felt they already had all the knowledge and experience to make decisions – no need to educate themselves.

This is a major part of the dysfunctional UBID. Having an admin who has no government experience. The admin is the one who is expected to be knowledgeable of government rules and regulations and be the one to inform the trustees if they attempt to violate those rules and regulations whether it’s intentional or by accident. We don’t have anyone sitting in that office who is qualified! Get rid of this admin and replace with experienced and qualified admin.

Doesn’t matter who the trustees are if you don’t have a qualified admin. May as well have a clerk typist in the position if you think we don’t require someone with expertise.

The UBID office is closed from 12 to 1 and yet the admin takes his lunch hour from 1 to 2. Not fooling anyone. Trustees have claimed the admin is putting in all kinds of overtime. My guess would be he doesn’t know the job so we are paying for him to learn it one phone call at a time and then paying for overtime because he still doesn’t know the job. Why is the office closed without notice during the hours it’s posted as being open? We are being royally ripped off.

improvement district governance

There has to be consequences when elected officials knowingly break their own bylaws. All the unlawful actions taken by this rogue UBID board need to be revisited since they were not acting as a board by intentionally excluding a duly elected official. Would that be as of Nov. 15, 2018, when the Chair adjourned the meeting and then after a good portion of the landowners left, he started the meeting up again with no explanation as to why? Just started a meeting.

The four trustees and the Admin obviously conspired to exclude Trustee Kaljur from all matters relevant to the Improvement District. This was not done as a board – it was the exact opposite of what they were elected to do. The actions taken by these men against the lone female should be setting off alarm bells in this community. Is this what you voted for? A group of bullies trying to pass themselves off as being part of a democratic, open, honest, and accountable elected board representing all landowners.

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