OMG Kensington Island Properties has another new name to add to the lengthy list and yet not one house built to date after all these years. Look at all the pretty pictures for a developer with ONLY 60 to 100 residential units – water connections. The development keeps getting smaller with bigger pictures and promises! Wedgie Estates

Hilarious picture they chose of the guy with the wedgie – that’s what Union Bay got – a big wedgie. KIP promised $17.4 million dollars for the water costs related to Langley Lake in 2006, and that there would be no costs to the residents of Union Bay. The incompetent current board negotiated 4 acres of land in Oct. 2018. This developer has intentionally divided the community with these empty promises. We have been screwed by KIP and the KIP flunkies on UBID who dumped the professional negotiator hired by the previous board and believed they could negotiate. Dunning-Kruger effect.

I love this one: “What is the difference between Kensington Island Properties and the Union Bay Estates project?” Answer: “Kensington Island Properties is the former title of the project. Union Bay Estates was chosen as the new title of the project in order to highlight the name and the location of our community.” Really? What about all these names?

Kensington Capital Partners 1996 – Jim Youngren.

34083 Yukon Inc.

3003297 Nova Scotia Company

Kensington Island Properties

KIP tried out Union Bay Resorts Development:

Then Kensington Coastal Point and for a while it was Kensington Coastal Pointe

Then The Union Bay Community

Then KIP claimed this site – Union Bay Resorts Inc. – was someone who had used KIP’s images – but… according to the following documents Gamal Azziz who was listed on the website as in Edmonton appears to be using the same address as KIP’s lawyer – what a coincidence!

Union Bay Resorts Inc.

Now we have Union Bay Estates – no more millions of dollars offered – 4 acres of land! No more talk about barging in sand from Texada – no more talk about the coal hill remediation. Just more talk. I predict more bullshit.

This developer stood up and told the landowners in Mar. 2016 the reason he couldn’t proceed with the 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement was because of the coal hill remediation. Absolute bullshit. The ‘prescription’ for the remediation of the coal hills was reached in 2012 – the three parties were haggling over who was going to pay.

The developer knowingly breached the 2010 MDA in April 2017 by subdividing and returning the developer’s contaminated portion of the coal hills to the Province. Ann MacDonald of the CVRD sent the following to a landowner regarding KIP’s lawyer’s correspondence: On April 28, 2017 solicitors for KIP advised the CVRD through its solicitor that KIP is of the view that it is currently in compliance with the master development agreement in all material respects.” That’s bullshit considering what transpired. See below:

Union Bay Estates

If you were impressed by the pretty picture indicating a 100 acre park. Have a look at this from the Revised MDA of Dec. 2017 showing the actual designated parks and trails totalling 15% of KIP’s land after the golf course area is removed from the equation which I believe is around 50 acres. I notice in this latest edition of bullshit the developer is claiming donating 16 % = 51.3 hectares. Don’t believe anything without checking the actual MDA which is the legal document and not the useless word vomit that we are treated to when this developer shows up every now and then. Seems to be claiming the contaminated coal hills as part of the developments ‘park’ area. Typical – dumps it back on the province (which is us paying for it now) then uses it to promote this development as having a 100 acre park.

I received the following in an email from Ann MacDonald in March 2018:

As for the parks piece, I can give you full details on that, but in fact both MDAs required a park dedication of 15%, and what we achieved in this set of revisions was a specific plan of where exactly those parks and trails would be created, and transferred to the CVRD at time of the first subdivision. I have attached a copy of a link to the December staff report that includes a map of those trails. The golf course was always exempt from the parks calculation, for your information. 
Please call with any further questions, and thanks for your follow up note.
Regards, Ann
Ann MacDonald
General manager of planning and development services
Comox Valley Regional District

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