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Union Bay Improvement District pays double the Admin costs in two years for unqualified staff.

In addition to the admin involved in a conspiracy with the 4 male trustees unlawfully meeting, participating and fabricating minutes which he submitted as the official record of a lawful meeting knowing it was not a lawful meeting, in an attempt to get rid of (suspend) a trustee, for which he should be fired.

We are being screwed financially. 2017 budget was $91,981 for employees salary/wages. The budget for 2019 has doubled to $184,052! How could this be happening when we have an unqualified Admin? We are paying full salary and overtime for someone not qualified and now we are paying double!!

This board has been on a spending spree since being elected. Hiring an unqualified Admin who purchased new computers, had new website created (minus the info on the old one), purchased a camera to record the meetings but had to hire someone to turn the camera on and off. Then he hired someone to do the job he was hired for. Purchased the new Water Meter reading and billing software and had the deputy CAO learn it. Now we’re renting more space for him to not do his job. And on top of all of the above, he can’t answer questions or correspondence because he’s too busy.

The CAO has got to go!

WAGES for 2019

Administration – does this include full time CAO, part time Deputy CAO and part time clerk? = $184,052

Waterworks – 2 full time employees? = $121,191

Fire Dept. – 1 Fire Chief? = $73,430

Total $378,673 for one year.

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