Posted in Kensington Coastal Pointe, Kensington Island Properties aka KIP Costanza, 34083 Yukon Inc., The Union Bay Community, Union Bay Estates, Union Bay Resorts

Looks like Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates has vanished again. This time he built a road to nowhere!

What happened to all the workers and equipment? This is the pattern of this developer, shows up to announce the development is going ahead, clears some land and then poof – gone for a few years and then turns up to create chaos in Union Bay again crying the blues about how (fill in the blank) prevented him from proceeding.

Same old, same old. The realtors love it because it inflates the values of Union Bay homes with the sales pitch about this huge development going ahead. Nothing every transpires and the cycle continues every few years.

Sarah Palin had the bridge to nowhere – Union Bay has the road to nowhere. What is the plastic for?

Quite a few homes now have an ocean view after the clearing of land by the KIP shack. Until he subdivides – nothing happens and it looks like nothing is happening – again!

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