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5 Union Bay landowners happily masquerading as a board – knowing the landowners aren’t paying attention. Maybe a Court Challenge will wake them up.

Page 24 from the Improvement District Manual

These five men have gotten away with meeting secretly and making board decisions outside the guidelines as to what constitutes a legally convened meeting of the Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees.

The first most obvious is the meeting from Oct. 18, 2018 which was adjourned by the Chair and is visible on the video of that meeting and recorded in the minutes. That was the end of the legally convened UBID board meeting – it was ended when the chair declared the meeting adjourned. Then 5 men met secretly afterwards and made decisions when they had no authority to do so and submitted the false minutes as a legally convened meeting.

The video below is from their own meeting which ends with the Chair adjourning it. Whatever took place after the adjournment was not a legally convened meeting and all the decisions made are null and void.

These 5 landowners did the same thing at the Nov. 15, 2018 meeting. The Chair clearly adjourns the meeting at the 12:39 mark and resumes with no explanation. At that point it was just 5 landowners gathering as it was no longer a legally convened meeting of the Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees. These decisions are null and void.

We know these 5 landowners gathered again on Jan. 10, 2019, and attempted to unlawfully suspend a fellow trustee, unlawfully changed the election dates and AGM and unlawfully fired the Fire Chief. None of these decisions were made by the current Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees.

These same 5 landowners gathered on Jan. 17, 2019, and have tried to pass off their actions at that gathering as a meeting of the duly elected Board of Trustees for the Union Bay Improvement District.

ALL the decisions made by these 5 landowners are null and void – they did not have the legal authority to make any decisions without the knowledge of ALL trustees.

The following is page 54 of the Improvement District Manual

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