Union Bay Improvement District posted the Water Agreement with KIP in October 2017 and now wants to charge almost $1300. to ‘maybe’ provide a copy. This guy needs to be replaced.

This is a good example of how this admin spends most of his time covering his ass and wasting time and money. How much time did he spend on the letter advising he couldn’t provide a copy of the Water Agreement with KIP instead of just sending the pdf to the person? A copy of the Water Agreement should be readily available on the UBID website for all landowners to access. This guy is never going to learn this job and we are being taken to the cleaners financially while he empire builds.

Why is the agreement suddenly secret and McMahon would have to review and approve the release? We are being fed bullshit. Do not vote Loxam back in – what a dysfunctional mess. Who the hell does he think he’s fooling? Are we to believe it would take hours for him to locate the Water Agreement? Isn’t it on his computer? Why would it take more than mere minutes to locate and there is no shipping and handling, nor is there anything to prepare the record for disclosure and providing a copy is electronic – mere minutes. I would challenge the Admin on the claim that UBID’s legal counsel advised that nothing could be disclosed that wasn’t in the Oct. 2017 minutes. I call bullshit on this and would like to see proof. When was this instruction given? What prompted this decision from Peter Johnson, (UBID’s legal counsel) since the time the agreement was originally posted on UBID’s website in Oct. 2017, by this present incompetent Admin.

How many hours did it take the admin when he sent out the notice that the agreement was posted? Did it take him 12 hours to locate, retrieve and produce the record? Then prepare the record for disclosure? Then the shipping and handling cost and then providing a copy of the record? If this isn’t the best example of incompetence… To top it off he thinks KIP has to agree to let the landowners view the agreement. Again, it’s KIP running UBID just like pre April 2011.

From a post in Oct. 2017: https://allthingsunionbay.com/2017/10/17/kensington-island-properties-aka-34083-yukon-inc-and-union-bay-improvement-district-new-water-agreement-published/

Here’s the agreement that is now secret.

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