Union Bay Improvement District Trustee declares which landowners are part of the community.

The alternative facts seem to be the only way this guy functions. So is their campaign about the landowners that have a different opinion and choose to use their free speech asking questions, protesting, writing letters, etc? These people are not represented or acknowledged as being fit to be part of the community?

In a democracy, everyone has a right to speak and have an opinion. This letter isn’t from someone who believes in democracy. It’s from someone who seems to believe you must meet certain criteria before you can rise to the level of someone ‘part of this community’. This is how dictatorships are run. Demonize those who speak out in an attempt to turn landowner against landowner.

They should have paid more attention to this paragraph on page 2 of the letter sent to them by Trustee Kaljur’s legal counsel, Jason Gratl, dated Feb. 12, 2019. Instead of believing in free speech, they paint anyone with a differing opinion as the enemy to be silenced. Canada or North Korea – which do you support/believe in? https://allthingsunionbay.com/2019/02/13/comox-valley-records-article-on-the-suspension-of-trustee-susanna-kaljur-and-the-legal-action-being-taken/

It is integral to democracy that a majority of representatives on an elected body cannot remove from office another elected representative. Removing minority political opponents from office is the stuff of lesser systems of government for which no support can be found in our legal tradition.

What positive message is contained in this letter touting Loxam and Gable – or is it just bashing the landowners they view inferior?

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