So it turns out Hein and Paul declined attending the meeting today due to the irregularity. Normally, trustees are sworn in immediately after the AGM/election or at an inaugural meeting within 30 days. Normally, an inaugural meeting is held fairly quickly.

Because this imitation board changed all the dates relating to this years election while excluding Trustee Kaljur, everything is a mess.

A landowner called the UBID office this a.m. and was first told the meeting was closed to the public and then the landowner received a call back saying the swearing in of the new trustees would be public

So there is the initial confusion about what is going on and then everything is quiet (the Chair hasn’t commenced the meeting yet) and another landowner says something to me which prompts the admin to question the landowner and everything goes to hell after that. The Chair approaches me demanding to know what I said and the landowner is telling him to ‘stop right there’. The Chair then tries to intimidate the landowner which causes one of the UBID admin female staff to jump up and block the Chair to prevent him from coming closer to the female landowner. The Chair then tries to intimidate the landowner’s husband by getting in his face just inches away.

Listen to the Chair reference the personal lawsuit in a UBID board meeting!! Talk about making threats.

Then one of them says “I’m out of here” and it is echoed by the others.

The Admin falls back on the old “I’m calling the RCMP”.

I hope we get to see some of the video recorded – it was like duelling iPhones!