The government (elected officials) can do pretty well what they want (including unlawful actions) unless you retain a lawyer to take them to court to stop them? Something is broken.

So after months of unlawful actions by this gong show board including unlawfully ‘suspending’ a duly elected Trustee (Susanna Kaljur) who was forced to retain counsel (Jason Gratl) to force the board to re-instate her as a trustee.

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Selina Robinson was cc’d on the letter. Did this cause the Ministry any concern over the actions of this so called board? Nope.

Attorney General David Eby was also cc’d. His email address is Mr. Eby was the President of the BC Civil Liberties Association. Maybe start sending him emails and see if someone will pay attention?

We are on our own folks. I’m certainly not going to foot the bill and neither is Susanna Kaljur. You know what they have done and continue doing, making unlawful decisions. What are you going to do about it.?

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