When you have one group who breaks rules and just makes up their own and another group who abides by the rules, with no one to enforce the rule of law – who do you think has the power?

I sent the following email November 14, 2016, to Minister Fassbender when the three trustees approved a motion to extend the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement

From: “Mary Reynolds” <>
To: “peter fassbender MLA” <peter.fassbender.mla@leg.bc.ca>
Cc: “don mcrae mla” <don.mcrae.mla@leg.bc.ca>, “js mattison” <js.mattison@telus.net>
Sent: Monday, November 14, 2016 11:27:39 AM
Subject: Congratulations on destroying Union Bay

Thanks to you gentlemen for your contributions in destroying Union Bay.  Yesterday the three pro Kensington Island Properties Trustees voted to extend/resurrect the 2011 Expired Water Infrastructure Agreement with Kensington Island Properties in spite of the knowledge Union Bay Improvement District does not have the authority to consent to 500 water connections as it violates our water license.  You sided with this developer at the expense of our community.  A developer who stood up and lied to the community at the March 2016 meeting at which Brian McMahon stated Mr. Mattison was present. It seems Mr. Mattison accomplished nothing and yet has billed for services in August, September and October when we were without a board.  Mr. Mattison was unable to obtain a signature from Mr. McMahon on the agreed Memorandum of Understanding of June 6, 2016.  Instead, Mr. McMahon negotiated with trustees Jacques and Loxam on June 7, 2016 to resurrect/extend the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement.  Since nothing has changed from June 7, 2016, what is Mr. Mattison billing for?

Peter Fassbender granted a meeting with David Godfrey, who unlawfully locked out the electorate from January 2011 through April 2011 while they secretly negotiated the expired 2011 WIA.  The Ombudsperson’s Office provided a report indicating they did not have the authority and the stunts they tried to pull while the Ombudsperson was investigating.  The Ombudsperson report came out after Mr. Godfrey was no longer a trustee and the bylaws were returned to their proper legal status.

Don McRae refuses to acknowledge if he attended the meeting granted with Fassbender for Godfrey, Jacques and McMahon in spite of the fact I have audio of McMahon stating McRae was invited to the meeting.  McRae told another landowner he did not want to get involved when the three trustees resigned in July 2016.  What exactly does an MLA do for their constituents?

To view the results of your involvement in Union Bay the video of the meeting is at https://allthingsunionbay.com/2016/11/13/union-bay-improvement-district-board-of-trustees-november-13-2016-gong-show-season-1-episode-2/

Brian McMahon of Kensington Island Properties couldn’t have done it without you.  Take a big bow.

My previous emails have gone unanswered.  Please remedy this.

Mary Reynolds
Union Bay Landowner
Union Bay, BC

I received the following response telling me if I wasn’t happy, to retain counsel.