Union Bay Improvement District Bylaw # 277 authorizing borrowing $3.5 Million dollars without landowner approval

Thanks to the landowner who emailed requesting a copy of the bylaw and forwarded it to me when they received the following: Note: no second page even though it clearly states “page 1 of 2”.

Waiting to confirm if Trustee Kaljur was aware of the meeting March 22, 2019 when the board voted on this. Answer: Trustee Kaljur was unable to attend the meeting as she was in Vancouver.

The page below is from Kaljur’s blog. The Admin recommended 25 year amortization. Think about that. The person who decided how many years we are saddled with this debt is a person unqualified for the position he now holds. No previous government experience and is learning the job at top pay one mistake at a time. Can’t answer questions relating to his job, refuses to attend public meetings, admin salaries have doubled since 2017 with the Admin hiring someone to do his job and still can’t answer questions. New computers, new video camera he can’t figure out how to operate, we are now paying monthly rent for him to sit in the building beside the office. How many landowners have complained about no one being at the office during posted hours? Office is closed from 12 to 1 but the Admin takes his lunch from 1 to 2. Apparently we are paying him overtime for a job he is unqualified to hold.

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