Dysfunctional Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees – dumbest board and proud of it

This dysfunctional board hired professionals to facilitate the AGM and the Chair still couldn’t conduct a proper meeting – totally useless.

A landowner asked a question about when the Fire Hall land was being transferred to UBID. The Chair couldn’t answer the question.

Dumb and dumber brought the Fire Hall land into the negotiations of the Water Infrastructure Agreement in Oct. 2017. They were so proud of their negotiation skills and touted the accomplishment of obtaining not only 4 acres of land for the Water Treatment Plant, they also negotiated 1 hectare for the Fire Hall.

What they failed to mention is that McMahon has always offered 4 acres for the Fire Hall. This was already in the 2010 Master Development Agreement between the CVRD and KIP. So they negotiated DOWN from 4 acres to 1 hectare.

My question as to why they negotiated down. NOTE: I was mistaken when I stated the Revised MDA was in Dec. 2018 – it was actually Dec. 2017.

In McMahon’s letter specifically addressed to Jacques and Loxam of June 7, 2016, below he also states “Once we have a UBID Water Agreement in place title can be transferred”. So why wasn’t this in the Oct. 17, 2017 Agreement? Why did they negotiate down again by agreeing to a 2 year deadline instead of getting the title of the land immediately after the Water Infrastructure Agreement in Oct. 2017?

In the Agreement with KIP from Oct. 17, 2017, there is a deadline for transferring the land to UBID “…on or before the date that is two years later after the date of this Agreement.” See Page 7 below. Remember, this is the developer who states government time lines don’t matter. So the latest this land should be transferred is Oct. 17, 2019. Then McMahon has an out in # 26 of the Agreement for services to be provided to the lot line not later than two years after the date the Fire Hall lands are subdivided and transferred to UBID with this: “As an exception to the foregoing, the Developer shall not be responsible to provide services that cannot then be made available to the Fire Hall Lands on a commercially reasonable basis.” So why was the Fire Hall Land even brought up in the negotiations for the Water Treatment Plant. The only one who benefited is McMahon. UBID isn’t getting a serviced lot for the Fire Hall any earlier than the MDA had stipulated – just getting less than was promised – surprise, surprise! So the new Fire Hall may start Oct. of 2021 or not.

For the complete Water Infrastructure Agreement between KIP and UBID can be viewed at: https://allthingsunionbay.com/2017/10/17/kensington-island-properties-aka-34083-yukon-inc-and-union-bay-improvement-district-new-water-agreement-published/

Trustee Kaljur asks the board why the figures showing the costs associated with the Water Treatment Plant aren’t posted on the website so landowners are informed. Instead of answering, the Chair asks Trustee Kaljur if she knew of a better deal on the financing.

I asked the Chair where I could find the information that grants him the power to make unilateral decisions and the Chair states Robert’s Rules. Bullshit. Then mrknowitall butts in as usual spouting off bullshit.

I asked the auditor what the total was for delinquent UBID accounts. Remember the Admin hired a deputy to collect these monies. It was $75,000. and now it’s $55,000. ($40,000. parcel taxes and $15,000. water tolls). Why hasn’t there been some action on these delinquent accounts? If it’s optional, then why are we all paying our bills?

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