UBID Inaugural meeting to swear in Trustee Hein Vandenberg – don’t breath a sigh of relief until Paul Healey is sworn in.

When Gary Nason Chairs a UBID meeting, there are actually questions allowed from the landowners present. What a concept!

The Admin sat sandwiched in between the two consultants for protection and non answered questions posed.

Again, he managed to screw up the questions asked at the AGM.

Mrknowitall reiterated how busy the admin is and doesn’t have time for a governance study. We’re talking millions of dollars and mrknowitall appears to think we should sit and pay every red cent because the admin is too busy.

Mrknowitall doesn’t have any plans for the future as far as financial relief goes but is hell bent against a governance study. Wants us to continue with this corrupt form of government indefinitely.

Here’s the Q & A from the AGM – screwed up of course. Why are we paying twice as much for admin and getting lousy service even after a deputy was hired?

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