Well, so much for honestly, accountability, transparency – (although it is transparent that dishonest behaviour and fraudulent minutes are okay, again). Trying to sweep this under the rug is just wrong. We need elected officials who are willing to discard the old ways – do the right thing and refuse to approve minutes that are clearly from an unlawful meeting of five landowners. Approving the minutes of Jan. 17, 2019 is condoning the unlawful activity and indicates unlawful activity will be embraced in the future.

Just like the apology letter to Trustee Kaljur admitting there are no provisions to suspend a trustee, there are no provisions for omitting a trustee from a meeting and then passing that meeting off as a legally convened meeting with the admin submitting fraudulent minutes of that unlawful meeting.

The Jan. 10, 2019 meeting was unlawful and so was the one on Jan. 17, 2019, as Trustee Kaljur was intentionally not advised of the meetings so five landowners could manipulate our government. Fire this admin!

Where is the video of the July 25, 2019 meeting? Fire this admin!