Municipality was never discussed by the board prior to the motion brought forward at the Jan. 2018 by Trustee Bitten who apparently conspired with the admin without the knowledge of all trustees. Now it is in the letter asking for a governance study.

This is going from one extreme to the other. We can’t afford to become a municipality with under 800 households. If KIP’s empty promises are taken into consideration for the future, I hope the lack of anything in the last 15 years by this developer is also considered.

Let’s not forget KIP only has approval for up to 100 residential water connections. Our water license is for 1040 connections. According to the Water Agreement with KIP (which is finally reposted and buried on UBID’s website the next block of connections the developer will apply for is in 500 connection increments. Not sure how this can be done since it would violate our water license just like the lousy expired 2011 WIA.