Susanna Kaljur has a solution to the admin refusing to attend public meetings.

Hats off to Susanna for coming up with the perfect solution to the admin’s latest tactic of claiming it’s too dangerous to attend public meetings . I love it (as Don Jr. would say).

This admin spends most of his time trying to hide the fact he is unable and unqualified to hold the position. He is terrified of answering questions and threatens to call the police when asked simple questions regarding UBID.

This is a good example from a year ago. Note the Communication with the Public Policy was still absent from the website until Chair Healey directed him to post it on the website.

This guy should never have been hired. He has zero government experience and was hired to run a local government – how does that make sense? What training has he had since his hire in the spring of 2017? I’m guessing none.

This situation isn’t fair to anyone, not the landowners or the guy who was hired. I’m sure we have all witnessed during our lifetime someone hired for a job and unable to perform the duties. Things aren’t going to get better, they just get worse.

The two new trustees seem to think they can just slide into the positions and carry on – they don’t realize the board has been run like a shitshow for the last 2 1/2 yrs because the admin is unqualified and there is no one to act as parliamentarian to ensure the government office is run according to the rules and regulations in place.

We are paying double the cost of admin since the hiring of this guy. Double in two years. Double for less work and a lousy attitude.

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