The gong show creator (and self appointed Chair) panicked and took over the meeting telling the guy operating the video camera to turn it off because “we’re gonna get sued!”

The sooner we get rid of this form of government, the better. Yes, it’s great the Chair is going to get more training on how to run a meeting. Doesn’t make a bloody difference if the admin doesn’t know procedure – the meetings will continue to be a gong show.

Months go by and nothing happens on matters discussed endlessly with no progress. The FOIPPA is a perfect example. Over the last 3 years there has been no adhering to the rules governing FOIPPA with trustees who have shown no interest in educating themselves and instead spout off what they ‘think’ FOIPPA is. At the COW meeting Sept. 12, 2019, there was a motion made but there was no recommendation from that COW meeting brought forward tonight so that the Trustees could vote and approve it. So now we sit again for another month with 3 staff who should have been trained and were not.

Listen to the misinformation regarding the contents of the letter from the ministry. Didn’t they read the letter? It clearly states (3rd paragraph) it is the incorporation (municipality) study that could take more than a year. Why are they claiming it’s the conversion to be a service area that would take that long? Absolutely false information and a sloppy way to run a government office.

It’s interesting how offended some trustees get when requested to speak up. Trustee Vandenberg put on a lovely display of exaggeration with arms flailing because I asked him to speak up. Seems to have gotten under his skin since he had to draw attention to the fact I record the meetings. Wow – Inspector Clouseau can’t be fooled. Oh, forgive me for paying attention and wanting to hear what is stated your highness.

I do offer praise to Trustee Vandenberg as he appeared to be the only trustee not guilty of speaking without the Chair’s approval tonight.

We have 2 trustees who were involved in this physical altercation on Oct. 19, 2016 who were candidates and planned the disruption – Rick Bitten and Ted Haraldson. They stood outside and planned to disrupt the All Candidates Meeting because they couldn’t face questions from the public. Then Apr. 23, 2019 Ted Haraldson approached landowners in a threatening fashion at the COW meeting and is claiming the threats came from the 3 landowners (including me). At the 2018 AGM Trustee Bitten and his son harassed a landowner who had asked a question these two didn’t approve of.

There are bullies in our community and they are on our board! You will note I am the only one trying to stop the physical altercation and Bitten shoves me and Haraldson tells me to be quiet. I don’t need to resort to anything physical – I use words as my weapon.

Violence – Trustee Bitten has decided the dictionaries are wrong and that he knows the definition of violence which he claims has happened at the UBID meetings. When asked to provide examples of the violence, he is unable and wants to lump in disruptions as violence. Someone clue this guy in.

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