I sent the following email to Chair Healey Aug. 16, 2019. Trustee Bitten didn’t want it read out tonight and wants a legal opinion. Funny, he didn’t want a legal opinion on the EXPIRED 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement, ‘suspending’ a fellow Trustee or locking out the electorate, etc. I had to look it up because emails seem to go into email limbo and Chair Healey couldn’t provide a date.

Hello Chair Healey,
Please note:  I am addressing the violations of the bylaw – not Kaljur’s suspension – regarding the decision to ‘approve’ or ‘receive’ Jan. 17, 2019 minutes based on proper procedures.  

I would like to provide information as to the lack of procedures for Union Bay Improvement District meetings to follow up on Trustee Kaljur’s concerns regarding the violations of the Meeting Procedures Bylaw #263/270 specifically the Jan. 10 COW meeting and Jan. 17 UBID board meeting.  There were no agendas published for either meeting and the only notice referencing the Jan. 17, 2019 meeting was referenced in the Jan. Landowners Update https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wiHJtmNHFFTcDbk1ftcSgrhBJZjq7eKp/view which advises the meeting is not open to the public.  (screenshot attached).
I attempted to attend the UBID meeting at the Community Hall Jan. 17, 2019 along with reporter James Wood from the Goat Radio station.  James was advised by Jody (hall person) the meeting had been moved.  The next day the following article was published by James Wood. https://www.mycomoxvalleynow.com/48814/union-bay-chair-says-thursday-meeting-moved-without-notice-due-to-fear-of-disruption/
The emails below my signature are the ones sent out by UBID admin from Jan. 1 through Jan. 28, 2019.  Note there is no agenda notice of the Jan. 17, 2019 Board meeting and no notice of the COW meeting Jan. 10 which is referenced in counsel Jason Gratl’s letter to the board (attached). The name of the recipient has been removed by request.

I understand you are new to the position.  The problem lies with not having a qualified admin and you are never going to be effective with someone who spends their time trying to cover up the fact they don’t know the job.  You can have five great trustees but if you don’t have a qualified admin – you are spinning your wheels. The admin is supposed to be the one ‘constant’ that keeps the district running and is not political.  A professional qualified admin would never exclude a trustee from receiving all correspondence sent to other trustees – their loyalty is to the improvement district – not to certain trustees.  This admin as made a habit of excluding trustees.

I know you did not approve of my question regarding how you can trust this admin to provide you with all information regarding the governance study.  It is a valid concern since there is a history of this admin withholding correspondence from trustees he doesn’t seem to like.  Another example to add to the January meeting problems is the FACT the admin withheld a letter from UBID’s counsel regarding bylaw 264 which was received in July 2018 and yet Kaljur and Elliott didn’t receive it until the day it was voted on at the Oct. 2018 board meeting.

This board is unable to function if you do not have reference material when voting on motions.  Last night was a perfect example.  Trustee Vandenberg wasn’t comfortable voting on the motion for a temporary FOI person.  The material was not provided by the admin.  This has been the pattern leading to poor decisions or simply being forgotten.

What safeguards are in place to ensure the entire board is aware of all correspondence regarding the governance study?  It has proven to be easy for the admin to simply distribute info as he sees fit.  I have every reason to believe this admin will sabotage any attempt to become a service area just as he has since the motion was passed in Nov. 2017.  The admin and Bitten obviously conspired to prevent the study and introduced municipality status at the Jan. 2018 meeting when it had never been discussed by the board.  It is no secret KIP, Bitten and Haraldson have all pushed municipality status and their relationship with KIP is far too cosy imo.

Why isn’t this admin attending meetings?  How can questions be answered when the admin is never there?  The deputy CAO was supposedly hired to fill in for the admin – where was she?  Why do we have staff that are dictating what functions they will perform? Weren’t they hired knowing what was expected of them?