Qualified, experienced UBID Admin compared to one that is not

This is from the first official meeting in November 2016 of a newly elected board consisting of five neophyte trustees. The majority votes to extend the 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement with Kensington Island Properties that EXPIRED Dec. 31, 2014. The only experienced person at the table is Union Bay Improvement Distict Administrator Kevin Douville who attempts to provide guidance to the trustees about voting on this motion.

They ignored him and voted to extend only to be advised by UBID’s counsel in writing that they could not unilaterally extend the expired agreement.

We lost a great Admin when Kevin left for a better job at the RD where he is greatly appreciated.

This clip is from the March 25, 2018 meeting with Trustee Elliott asking the Admin a couple of financial questions. Not the response you would expect is it?

It’s a red flag when a government body hides or prevents questions – you know they are up to no good.

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