How the Molstad UBID Board ruled.

This excerpt of the March 2016 UBID meeting came to mind when thinking how the landowners have been treated since Oct. 2016. Then landowner Peter Jacques (candidate for trustee) stands on a ‘Point of Order’ on a vote of no confidence. He is allowed to speak (even though he is citing Robert’s Rules but cannot provide what section) with the board and Admin adjourning to another room to consult Robert’s Rules and return to advise of their decision on the ‘Point of Order’.

Do you hear any Trustees speaking out about what is allowed and what isn’t or is the Chair in control of the meeting?

This is how it should be handled and was handled because we had a qualified Admin and Chair who made sure they were knowledgeable.

These are the links to the whole March 16, 2016 meeting as the camera recorded in 4 sections.

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