Union Bay Improvement District continues to be secretive. Refuses to advise if there is a Chair. Get rid of this dysfunctional form of government.

The cartoonist at the Record always nails it. https://image.issuu.com/191008093533-3dfd6bdbd7bdcc015d4a7ffa9f836790/jpg/page_8.jpg

Union Bay landowners paid $16,000.00 for training this new board. Remember those guys at the AGM and Inaugural meetings who also supposedly trained ALL the trustees? That’s what it cost the landowners and yet here we sit with another dysfunctional board. Molstad’s 2011 board received no training and yet it brought us back from the brink of bankruptcy, formed committees of landowners for input, never locked the electorate out, abided by UBID’s bylaws, policies, FOIPPA, Robert’s Rules, kept landowners advised, and ran orderly meetings, etc. AND knew a qualified admin was essential! Without a qualified admin it would have been a shitshow too.

At the Sept. 24, 2019, COW meeting, the trustees talked about having a by election.

Word spread that Paul Healey resigned. Then we heard Paul Healey rescinded his resignation. The Comox Valley Record attempted to get answers. https://allthingsunionbay.com/2019/09/26/union-bay-improvement-district-unable-to-provide-info-regarding-chair-to-local-media/

Not a word from UBID and nothing sent to landowners advising what is happening with the individuals elected to keep us informed.

On UBID’s contact page, Healey is still listed. https://union-bay.ca/contact/

I don’t know what happens to some people once they are elected. It’s not the CIA or FBI – suddenly it goes to their heads and information is guarded, fearing it will be released to the masses.

This board is just another reason to become a service area of the CVRD. We don’t have a legitimate government in Union Bay.

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