Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates latest website claims 300 acres and includes the coal hill! What’s “new municipal infrastructure”? Where’s the Gil Hanse designed golf course? Where’s the sewage treatment plant? Can’t build any houses without a sewage system.

Received the following response to my questions regarding the coal hill and KIP claiming it as part of the development. As usual, it’s more bs from this developer on their website claiming a 100 acre park. Has KIP forgotten the 27 contaminated acres dumped back on the Province which is referred to in the comment about “change of ownership”. It doesn’t belong to KIP anymore.

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Sent: Friday, November 29, 2019 12:03:56 PM
Subject: RE: Coal hill remediation and construction  Re: Revised MDA with KIP Designated Parks and Trails

Hi Mary,

I don’t know if UBE plans to purchase the coal hills after remediation. Thank you for bringing that marketing material to my attention. The coal hills were definitely removed from the park amenity when the MDA was re-negotiated, consistent with the change in ownership.



Alana Mullaly

Senior Manager of Sustainability and RGS Planning

Planning and Development Services Branch

Comox Valley Regional District


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Subject: Re: Coal hill remediation and construction Re: Revised MDA with KIP Designated Parks and Trails

Hi Alana,

No problem.  I imagine you receive many emails.  Thanks for responding.

Do you know if KIP/Union Bay Estates is going to own the coal hill after the remediation?  The reason I’m asking is because on Kip’s website the coal hill area is touted as part of the development 100 acre park.  See attached.  Also, according to the MDA the parks and trails designated total something around 50 acres and the coal hill is separate in the parks and trails map.  See attached.


Mary Reynolds

Union Bay landowner.