Union Bay Improvement District huge staff wage increases since 2017!

Total increase since last year for (3) office, (2) waterworks and (1) fire chief – a whopping $121,475. increase! This is for six individuals.

Union Bay landowners are suckers. Suckers to a developer who promised millions of dollars and the UBID board first negotiated (2011) with Kensington Island Properties an interest free loan on a water filtration plant we wouldn’t own until we didn’t need it. Suckers.

Then in 2017 the UBID board negotiated down the number of acres for the fire hall which had nothing to do with the new water agreement as it was in the MDA with the CVRD. But slick had them take less land and they were very proud of their negotiation skills. Suckers.

Suckers believing a gong show board who are clueless as to what is expected of the admin of a government office hiring staff with zero government experience. This has got to be the worst admin yet – and that’s saying a lot because we know how bad it was before. Suckers.

So the 3 admin office staff received an increase of $17,681.63 in the 2020 budget, over the 2019 budget. Who got what portion of that increase? Why when the admin costs doubled – 2017 budget was $91,981 for employees salary/wages. The budget for 2019 doubled to $184,052! Now they’ve been given another increase? Suckers.

Noticed a huge increase in the Waterworks renumeration. Went from $121,191. in 2019 to $179,415.25 in 2020 an increase of $58,224.25 between 2 employees!

Fire department went from $73,430. in 2019 to $119,000. in 2020. An increase of $45,570!

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