Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates providing another yearly belly laugh!

Geez, I really laughed when I saw this. A fellow landowner received it in an email and wondered how they obtained their email address. How can anyone take this developer seriously after singing the same old song year after year? Promises, promises – all empty. Nothing can happen until subdivision – no application has been made to subdivide which triggers the Master Development Agreement.

Red font added by me.

I found it amusing that KIP used the photo of the road built by Wacor because I had asked who was paying for this project and received the following from the CVRD. West Fraser Mills.

The old marina story again. Geez, it took literally an hour and a half to find out this was bullshit.

Another landowner sent me their response from the CVRD today. Why spew this crap when it is so easily disputed?

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