Confirmation from the CVRD, KIP MDA has been triggered.

Received the following email from Alana today.

Should be interesting to hear the new and improved ‘pitch’ to add to all the others since 1996! How much do you think it’s going to cost you to provide sewage to this massive development? Don’t forget there was not a peep from this developer when the South Sewer Project was being proposed.

Now what is the plan for sewage? KIP applied to dump 1875 cubic metres of treated sewage into Washer/Hart Creek daily and yet the CVRD has no say or opinion on this when the proposal specifically states the CVRD would own the system after 2 years.

At the same time the CVRD is proposing a Royston/Union Bay sewage plan indicating they are working with KIP. All the promises from KIP have been withdrawn or reduced – the same is going to happen when it comes to sewer.

What the hell is going on? KIP can’t build one home until there is a sewage system.

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