Looks like the KIP MDA has been triggered – can it be true after all the years of bullshit?

Year after year of bullshit – is the MDA actually proceeding?

Will be interesting to see what sewage plan will be presented since the CVRD claims to have nothing to do with the application KIP has made to dump 1875 Cubic metres of treated sewage daily into Washer/Hart Creek even though they would own it after 2 years. Lately we’ve received info from the CVRD planning another go at a sewage system for Royston and Union Bay which would see the sewage go north like the failed South Sewer Project. Talk about the right hand not knowing what the left was doing.

Surveyors at the entrance to the parks and trails yesterday and today. A neighbour asked them what they were doing and was told they were working for KIP.

Here’s where KIP plans on putting their sewage treatment plant. Hmm, isn’t the location of the WWTP in the same area as the proposed new Firehall? This is also the area that KIP had promised multiple times to provide 4 acres for the Firehall and was in the original MDA. The great UBID board decided to allow those 4 acres to be brought up in negotiations for the Water Agreement with KIP in Oct. 2017, and actually negotiated DOWN to 1 hectare because KIP wanted to go back on their word – now we know why.

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