Get the facts. UBID Conversion Study

Ya, here’s a couple of Einsteins. You going to put your most valuable possession in the hands of people like this? How many more cartoons of the gong show of the valley?

Here’s the petition circulated bashing the then board for planning on building our own plant. They never bothered to find out if it was legal to extend an expired agreement. They pushed through a motion at their first board meeting in Nov. 2016, extending the agreement that expired in Dec. 2014. Then they received a letter from UBID’s lawyer advising they could not unilaterally extend an expired agreement. They stirred up all kinds of shit and spread bullshit from the spring of 2015 until Nov. 2016, trying to extend this agreement. Are you going to take advice from people who were so stupid they never bothered to find out if what they were peddling was in fact doable/legal?

When you have ignorant uninterested people representing your governing body, they learn one huge mistake at a time. How many more years do you want this to happen?