Love how these whiny wimps believe they speak as leaders of the community. I also love Wimpy confirmed my “knowledge of all things past and retained paperwork”. Well if I didn’t, I’d just be another bullshitter spouting off what I thought I knew!

David Godfrey has recently made a new claim. It seems Godfrey was spouting the old bs about the KIP project being held up for years by governments on a Facebook group. When he was asked about being KIP’s spokesperson, he denied it and said it was me that made that claim. Well, yes I did and here it is under June 23, 2015:

So when evidence was provided, guess what Godfrey’s response was? Godfrey said he never received any compensation from KIP! What a strange answer since apparently no one claimed he had. David Godfrey definitely acted as spokesperson/representative for Kensington Island Properties – not just as a landowner as he claimed.

Godfrey also claimed money was NOT lost with the purchase of the school property without clear title because he says it was bought back for the same price UBID paid. Why didn’t they hire a lawyer?

Well that would be nice if it was true. Godfrey conveniently forgets they spent thousands on renovations – so is that money lost? How many years did we pay on the mortgage? Is that money lost? UBID wouldn’t allow a school to rent part of the building because there might be noise that would distract the 3 employees. I’ll have to go back and look through my posts as I know I had the costs of heating this huge building to house 1 full time employee and 2 part time employees. Here’s a link showing the timeline and reason why they chose to purchase the Union Bay School Property: Another post with additional links to the School purchase:

Godfrey then added a brand new twist in his response to Anne Alcock. Godfrey said if anyone is to blame for the school fiasco it’s the board Anne was on. Get this – Godfrey claims the Ministry/Provincial Gov’t told the Board NOT to tell the landowners that we didn’t own the school property with clear title when they learned of the covenant. Godfrey blames the Molstad board for making it public and somehow that prevented it from being resolved and he is still crying about it. I call bullshit on this whopper. Excerpt of Correspondence sent to Union Bay Improvement District from Minister Bill Bennett dated Oct. 6, 2009.  Mentions School Property problem. The Molstad board took over in April 2011, and yet we still didn’t own the property. Godfrey needs to provide evidence UBID was instructed NOT to advise the landowners. Godfrey’s board knew the zoning and limitations on the property at the time of purchase.

UBID even paid lump sums down on the mortgage when they knew we didn’t have clear title to the property.

Another pesky retained paperwork: Mortgage approx. $10,000. a year and $25,000. interest a year. How many years did we pay this interest? According to Godfrey, no money was lost.

Godfrey also claimed the community always knew the $1.7 Million dollar from the 2011 WIA was an interest free loan and never claimed it was a ‘gift’. Again, so easy to burst another fantasy balloon. Here you go:

Here’s the first time the community was advised it was an “interest free loan” – 5 years later. Says “people have twisted these words”. No one twisted the words – the community was told it was a “$1.7 Million Gift”.