Average $1000. a Month to Haul Sludge from New Water Treatment Plant – Oct. 22, 2020 UBID Meeting

This is a followup to https://allthingsunionbay.wordpress.com/2020/11/29/the-predator-developer-will-now-concentrate-on-area-a-director-spider-to-the-fly/

This is an excerpt from the Oct. 22, 2020 Union Bay Improvement District meeting where the cost of hauling the sludge is discussed and what can be utilized on the four acres the water treatment is built on.

Water Supt. states there is no room on the existing 4 acres to have a settling pond and even if there were, the sludge would eventually have to be hauled away. States the Cumberland dump told him they don’t take sludge but says he knows they do. ???

BTW – if you watch the meeting posted on UBID’s site, there is no sound for the first 24 minutes without any notice to the viewer. Apparently, that section was ‘in camera’.

The developer claimed 5 acres was too small in 2012.

Page from KIP’s consultants, Focus. Note where they identified the water treatment plant should go.

This UBID meeting in March 2016 is when Peter Jacques attempted a “vote of no confidence” to prevent the board from purchasing the 20 acres close to Langley Lake (the very piece of land identified by KIP’s consultants) for the water treatment plant. Jacques advises he is aware of another plot of land available at no cost to UBID. Clearly, the developer was manipulating and conning landowners who never questioned what was spewed. The Molstad board was professional and that’s why the developer had to get rid of them.

Why did he change his mind in 2016? How did 4 acres suddenly become the perfect size?

NOTE what the developer states: “Should the UBID Board choose to abandon the proposed Island Timberlands purchase and place the expanded and permanent site on a 4 acre KIP parcel at the top of McLeod Road…” The developer eventually got his way once his flunkies were elected.

This took place after Jacques and Loxam were elected in April 2016 and who went behind the backs of the 3 remaining trustees and negotiated this ‘deal’ and then presented it to the board. This developer has been running UBID not to the benefit of landowners.

A couple of pages from Focus KIP Master Water Plan Report Feb. 1, 2008. Note under ‘location’.

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