KIP Screwing Union Bay, Again

 I’ve learned that the device you showed me is in fact a stream gauge station comprising telemetry and a stilling well. It has been installed, under permit from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, by a consultant for Kensington Union Bay Properties. It is collecting data as part of the field investigation works related to the design of the property owner’s proposed waste water treatment plant.

From: “Sewage treatment facility with reclaimed water for irrigation to the golf course, without an outfall to Baynes Sound” Kensington Island Properties.

To: Let’s dump shit into Washer/Hart Creek so that if flows into Baynes Sound.

Follow up to this post:

All the games this developer plays, it’s hard to know if it’s all show again and more hot air. Really, what benefit to Union Bay has materialized from all the promises over the years? What KIP does generate is a shitload of fantasy “studies by consultants” to suck in the rubes, marks aka landowners. It’s just the cost of doing business stringing the suckers along since 1996 when Kensington Island Properties was formed.

Is this application to dump 1875 cubic metres treated sewage in Washer/Hart Creek daily just bluster, hot air, bullshit so that everyone panics and wants to appease the bullshitter?

KIP can’t build 1 house until there is a sewage system in place. KIP has always stated KIP would build a wastewater treatment facility. When pigs fly! Has anyone ever seen a developer so desperate and pathetic? KIP wants the landowners to foot the bill and will weasel out of ever building a wastewater treatment facility. Disappears for years and then shows up and creates havoc. Do not believe the bullshit it spews. This developer is prairie doggin.

KIP in a nutshell: Intentionally misled the community when they expected honest communication, announcement going ahead, stagnant, stagnant, stagnant, clear some land, stagnant, stagnant, announcement going ahead, clear some land, stagnant, stagnant, stagnant, announcement going ahead, clear some land, move some soil, remove hillside off McLeod Rd for fill, stagnant, stagnant, stagnant… applies for same permits intermittently.

The South Sewer Project was not going to have an outfall into Baynes Sound either.

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