Year After Year KIP Flunkies Spread Falsehoods – Stop Relying on These People for Information!

NOTE: Godfrey has removed his comments from the Facebook Union Bay Bulletin Board contained in the screenshot below.

Haraldson has spewed a lot of bullshit including claiming a PRV (pressure reducing valve) costs 1 million dollars each when disparaging the Molstad board for purchasing the 20 acres near the lake. Haraldson also claimed the land was a bog. True to form, Haraldson spewed the CEC boogey man in 2018 while running for trustee. This guy was elected and became chair – that’s how gullible the community is.

These guys are scare mongering when they claim the CEC’s from development would go to the CVRD if we became a service area.

It didn’t stop Godfrey from spewing the same bullshit in 2020, hoping to influence and discourage landowners from voting for conversion. It’s what you would expect from a KIP representative as it’s no secret KIP never wanted Union Bay to become a service area of the CVRD – wanted to keep the hillbillies under his control.

See the red below? Trustee Kaljur contacted Chair of the CVRD, Bruce Jolliffe who stated very clearly the CEC’s stay in Union Bay.

Then in November 2020, we have Godfrey spewing the same misinformation. How can he possibly believe this? Are his statements as a “Representative of Kip”? If he’s speaking as a landowner, why make these claims when it’s so easily disputed? Why does this guy think he is an authority on Union Bay matters – he clearly needs to be ignored.

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