An Example of the Damage Inflicted on a Community by a Predator Developer

This developer knew the 2011 WIA expired Dec. 31, 2014, and had no legal recourse and was forced to deal with a board who knew their obligation was to the landowners of Union Bay. In the spring of 2015, this developer and his representatives intentionally misled the landowners telling them the expired agreement could be extended and spread false information about the board and began a campaign to discredit the trustees. The result was a large number of landowners believed the falsehoods and turned on the board.

To date the developer has failed to provide any documents promised in support of the claims made by McMahon and his ‘representative’ David Godfrey regarding UBID stonewalling or stalling. As always KIP promised repeatedly to produce them and delivered nothing and then stated I would have to attend his lawyers office in Vancouver to view the documents. It was all bullshit. Typical of this developer’s divide and conquer attitude.

The result was KIP’s flunkies being elected to the board and taking direction from KIP. They never negotiated any of the previous promises by this developer in the Oct. 2017 Water Agreement. How long will it be before we are advised the 4 acres is too small to expand for future growth or that the pressure will not meet future requirements? KIP’s own consultants previously stated we require a minimum HGL of 130 m to service the part of KIP’s development at higher elevations. What are we at with the new reservoir?

The board tried telling us…

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