KIP’s Plan if Regional System Not in Place for Phase 2 – Dump More Treated Sewage in Washer/Hart Creek From Development

Kip’s plans if a regional sewer plan is not in place for Phase 2. Again, no mention of Union Bay or Royston.

It’s no wonder the CVRD is concerned. After all, they will own the system KIP installs after 2 years. Do they want to own a system dumping into Washer/Hart Creek indefinitely?

Another example of KIP trying to force whatever works for KIP on everyone else. Don’t forget McMahon believes “Because we’re dealing with government timelines don’t matter.” With that attitude it’s no wonder there has been so little activity over the last 15 years. The timeline will be whatever KIP determines.

Because we’re dealing with government timelines don’t matter.

The pdf’s I’m posting links to are some of the pages I extracted from over 1200 pages in the KIP sewage application FOI response received by a fellow landowner who is allowing me to post this information. Thank you!

Emphasis added by me.

Excerpt: Operations plan Registration Tracking dated Oct. 14, 2019 submitted by KIP:

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