Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties Previous Building Permit Cancelled/Work Not Started

EDIT Feb. 8, 2021: some of the information regarding the Building Permits is wrong. I have updated here: https://allthingsunionbay.wordpress.com/2021/02/08/my-apologies-i-screwed-up-correction-to-union-bay-estates-aka-kensington-island-properties-building-permit/

NOTE: the quote from Daniel Arbour at the end of the Record article is incorrect. Arbour states: ” I have sent a request for two corrections to Mike.  I mentioned there was an application to the Province by UBE for a small sewage plant. not “provisions”. A second request for correction was that I said “commercial”, not “communal’. I am hoping Mike will correct those before they go to print. I also posted on Union Bay Bulletin Board with those corrections an hour ago to try and avoid confusion.

KIP must transfer dedicated Parks and Trails in order to proceed. Excerpt from revised MDA 2017

A quote from Union Bay Estates in the article at the end of this post. Trump’s Medical Plan in 2 weeks. 🙂

There is also the question of the Discovery Centre for the development. Union Bay Estates clarified it has nothing firm to report about permits at this point and it is waiting for paperwork to go through for start-up at the Discovery Centre.

Received a response from Jodi at the CVRD as to the present situation regarding KIP parks and trails and building permits. I was puzzled by the statement that: “So there is no specific deadline for its transfer but the CVRD cannot issue a building permit until it is done.” as I thought a permit had been issued in the summer of 2020. Turns out that building permit was cancelled – Work Not Started.

This screenshot is from iMap at the CVRD.

If things are not proceeding it’s because ole slick is slow to meet the conditions agreed to in the Dec. 2017 revision of the MDA.

Article in the Record: https://www.comoxvalleyrecord.com/news/sewer-grant-discovery-centre-could-be-on-way-at-union-bay-estates/

Sewer grant, Discovery Centre could be on way at Union Bay Estates

UBID board also looking at key issues for transition to the regional district

Work on the Union Bay Estates may be picking up in the not-too-distant future.

While there is nothing official yet, local officials are waiting on news about an infrastructure grant that would help to run sewer service south through Royston to the proposed residential development at Union Bay.

Last spring, Area A director Daniel Arbour posted on a Union Bay Facebook page that the Comox Valley Regional District, working with partners from UBE and K’omoks First Nation, wanted to secure sewer service for the area.

Recently, he told the Record he was hopeful they would be hearing soon whether a federal-provincial infrastructure grant is successful.

“Right now, we’re just waiting,” he said.

There is also the question of the Discovery Centre for the development. Union Bay Estates clarified it has nothing firm to report about permits at this point and it is waiting for paperwork to go through for start-up at the Discovery Centre.

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However, at a Union Bay Improvement District strategic planning meeting on Jan. 26, trustee Ted Haraldson said building permits awarded to UBE should allow for work to begin soon, possibly March. He also alluded to the proposal to run the sewer south to Union Bay.

“I think that’s in the works,” he said during the Zoom meeting.

The UBID board was actually meeting to discuss issues surrounding the eventual incorporation of its three services into the CVRD following last fall’s governance referendum. The trustees’ main issues included plans for office and other space at the community’s new water treatment plant and updating the subdivision bylaw.

As far as the UBE project, there has been some developments in recent months, such as a renewed licence application for the marina at the site.

RELATED STORY: Commercial marina again proposed for Union Bay

The UBE website notes the first phase of development will include the marina, retail, dining and entertainment, hotels, office space and a mix of residential types. The Discovery Centre will serve as a sales location for the UBE development as well as a central hub for the other types of development on site.

“It’s the first building in what will be a small communal area,” Arbour said.

He added there are provisions to cover limited capacity sewage treatment plans for the first homes for the UBE site. In all, there are nine phases marked on plan maps for the 789-acre site.

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