Follow up on What’s Happening with Union Bay Estates – Union Bay is Getting Screwed – That’s What!

Follow up from this post.

This is what I received in Dec. 2020 from the CVRD stating: “The MDA also includes requirements for a system capable of expansion to service the communities of Royston and Union Bay. The MDA does not include requirements related to the discharge of treated wastewater to the environment as this is an area of provincial jurisdiction.”

Sent this to Arbour:

5 months later and… Now it has turned around to be “could include connection to the CVRD’s regional sewer system”.  This is backwards, allowing the developer to build exclusively for the development, pumping 1875 cubic meters of treated sewage daily into Hart/Washer Creek while Union Bay landowners wait to pay for a regional sewer system that the developer will hook into.

Arbour had Rutten respond on his behalf and this is my response to Rutten.

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