You might want to read the report by the consultant the current board hired to find out why the Water Treatment Plant cost us $5.3 Million instead of $4.2 like we were told. Simple answer: they didn’t have a f*cking clue what they were doing.

We were being told by Jacques, Loxam and Bitten that the admin was doing a great job and working overtime and far too busy to answer correspondence from landowners. They encouraged the admin to refuse to respond to questions and yet they themselves didn’t have a f*cking clue what their responsibilities were to the landowners.

Water tolls will have to increase along with parcel taxes. We don’t have enough money to fund the purchase of the washroom/office at the Water Treatment Plant – will likely have to borrow funds. These are the same guys who told you that the Water Treatment Plant costs would be covered by raising the parcel taxes $46. Originally, they claimed it was being funded without raising the parcel taxes.

The kiplets never had a plan, never believed landowners questions were warranted, never thought landowners had a right to attend meetings and obviously never read or researched anything, including the Improvement District Manual. Lots of secret meetings conducted by the gong show because they couldn’t face the landowners and honestly answer concerns. They were just keeping the seats warm and doing KIP’s bidding including conversion. These same guys refused to give any thought to the petition presented to them at their first meeting in Nov. 2016 and look at the financial mess we are in because of their incompetence.

The report is near the end of the agenda for May 20, 2021, meeting.