I honestly cannot find fault with Trustee Kaljur for the financial mess we are in. She was verbally assaulted in public when she raised questions at meetings and it was even worse for her at in camera or executive meetings where spineless men didn’t hold back. Kaljur was also excluded from receiving documents the pro kip trustees received.

Trustee Elliott (who was the only trustee who actually had experience and understood the water issues) also did his best to obtain information critical to the landowners and met resistance. When Elliott ran in 2018 he was defeated by Haraldson and we ended up with an even worse board with 4 trustees who ruled in secret and kept Kaljur from receiving information.

This 6 minute clip is a perfect example of why we are in the current financial mess. Trustees Elliott and Kaljur were treated like dirt when they raised questions with trustees Jacques, Loxam and Bitten supporting the incompetence of the administrator. They appear to have no concerns over costs.

Listen to the admin being allowed to speak to a trustee asking a question about the finances with such disrespect with a useless Chair allowing it. Remember, this is when they are planning on building a water treatment plant after reaching a water agreement with KIP in Oct. 2017. This is when there should have been a clear plan in place and landowners advised – incompetence.

From the same Mar. 22, 2018 meeting with Trustee Kaljur stating the figures provided at the Open House in early March were in fact incorrect. Listen to the Admin break down the costs of the WTP. The admin refuses to answer questions and Jacques says she’s out of order.

This is Haraldson at an All Candidates Meeting in Apr. 2018, one month after the incident above and prior to the AGM and election answering my question as to whether the admin should be required to answer questions from Trustees – Haraldson says “no”. Haraldson ranks up there with the worst Chair title along with Jacques.